Introducing AmpJet

Now You’re in Control

AmpJetTM marks the next generation of ground power units, setting a new industry standard in power, design and ease of use.

More Powerful

Power first and foremost: AmpJet provides consistent amperage at a rate that meets, and exceeds the current industry standard.

Real-Time Telematics

AmpJet’s Telematics (GPS/GSM smartphone/network link) delivers comprehensive live data, and provides remote location and performance tracking.

Ease of Maintenance

AmpJet minimizes maintenance downtime, with quality parts that are universally available, and a large engine compartment for easier access.

Flexible, Easy to Use

AmpJet features include a simple push-button design, intuitive alarm indicators (no codes) and plug and play options.

What Do You Look For in the Next-Generation GPU?

One aviation maintenance engineer wondered just that, addressing his own frustrations with GPUs, and taking into account the needs of multiple stakeholders.

The result is AmpJet. Consider just some of the differences:

Remote Monitoring

AmpJet controls and monitors its engine and generator simultaneously, providing maintenance alerts and performance data.

Exceptional Service and Support

The same care and commitment to excellence that went into the design of AmpJet extends to the ownership experience.

An Industry-leading Warranty

AmpJet is backed with a two-year warranty, with an engine warranty of two years or 2000 hours.

Location Tracking

AmpJet provides real-time location mapping, with warnings if it’s removed from its location perimeter.

Minimized Downtime

Only AmpJet combines quick parts availability, service notices by text, and automatic troubleshooting diagnostics.

Perkins Engine, Marathon Generator

AmpJet is innovative engineering built with top-name components. Each unit features a Perkins Engine and a Marathon Generator.

The AmpJet Difference

Sean Karimi—a man who designed his first electric car at the age of 13—has poured his passion for design into the AmpJet GPU.  Each unit in the AmpJet family are as sophisticated and reliable as they are intuitive and flexible.

For larger aircraft (737s and larger) count on the AmpJet 90 to deliver 90 kVA of continuous AC power.

See for yourself:

The AmpJet 28

For smaller craft (Dash 8 and smaller) AmpJet 28 GPUs provide reliable DC power, incorporating Sean Karimi’s vision of improved design, real-time telematics, and easier maintenance.

See for yourself:

How AmpJet Transforms Your GPU

AmpJet is a story of one man with a vision. Created by a team of GSE and manufacturing leaders, it’s set to redefine the GPU experience.

'What If…'

During his years as a maintenance engineer Sean Karimi grew frustrated with what he saw as old technology in ground service equipment. So he set about designing a true next-generation GPU.

Building a Better Ground Power Unit

Sean Karimi founded Advance GSE, establishing a reputation for reliability and responsive technical support. Working with highly experienced Canada-based partners, Sean conceived AmpJet to balance innovation, simplicity and intuition.

Re-imagining the GPU

AmpJet fulfills Sean Karimi’s vision of improving the GPU experience for everyone, from crew on the ground to FBOs delivering a premium service to airlines managing fleets of GPUs across multiple locations.

Begin Your Next-Generation GPU Experience

Let’s discuss how AmpJet meets your needs.